ASA takes pride in our process to assure that we are providing the best products possible; and because of that we want to share our process with you:
Each load offered for sale is a load designed and produced for quality, accuracies and reliability. Using a "Ladder Style", process of elimination. Starting with the cleanest, and most accurate components; we build 5 individual load recipes.
4.4 Grains
4.6 Grains
4.8 Grains 
5.0 Grains
After each load has been developed, they are then go through the shooting part of our development process. This process is performed with both, free stance shooting, and with a table mounted bench rest, both at 25 and 50 yards. Measurements for accuracy are then recorded, and again performed for each recipe. Accuracy, Reliability, and all around Performance are considered in the decision for YOUR final product!


Once the Load Development Process has been completed, and the "Load Recipe", has been chosen; Each pre-fired brass case ( IF APPLICABLE ) is washed thoroughly in our custom engineered cleaner, to provide a seemingly NEW mirror finish! Cleaned and ready to be loaded, the brass is then dropped into the hoppers of the machines, to begin the loading process.

Using components from leading manufacturers in the industry, the load process begins. Every loading machine used, is equipped with electronic sensors to measure and guarantee a consistent and precise bullet. 

After each box of ASA bullets, is packed with a label, or sticker containing the specific products information including : Bullet Type ( Explaining Shape and Characteristics ) Grain ( Weight of the Bullet ) Quantity in Box ( Total Package Contents ) Manufacture Dates, Lot Numbers, QR Codes, ETC.

All of which are used in our in house Quality Control Department to provide YOU with a consistent quality product you can rely on shot after shot.